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Property to reform for sale Majorca. Renovation properties for sale Majorca. We have properties to renovate in most areas of Mallorca. All types of properties; fincas, townhouse, chalets, villas, apartments.

Village and town houses can be renovated with a licence from the town hall of the village in which the property is situated.

Some parts of village properties may not be legal before you buy the owner should provided a certificate from the town hall that there are no fines or fees which need to be resolved (Certificado de Inexistencia de Infración Urbanística).

If there are fines or fees your lawyer and architect should discuss with the owner of the property, the restoration of the legality of the property and the payment of any sanctions before you buy.

Chalets and villas on urban plots may also need the same process to purchase as a village house or town house. Establishing the legality of the property with a (Certificado de Inexistencia de Infración Urbanística).

Any rustic property with less than 14.200m2 with more than 142m2 of construction if constructed after 1987 regardless of if it has a cedula or not will be under present regulations be illegal in one form or another any reform to the property will not be permitted under the planning regulations from the Consell de Mallorca.

To reform a property on rustic land with house of 300m2 you will require a plot of 30.000m2 plus to grantee the property is legal and can be reformed or modified.

It is possible to reform properties on smaller plots, but they must have been constructed and registered before 1956 and detailed proof is required to show the property has the legal status to be reformed.

Please let us have your requirements and we can discuss them, Contact us.

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