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Renovation properties for sale Majorca. We have properties to renovate in most areas of Majorca. 

All types of properties; fincas, townhouse, chalets, villas, apartments.

Some parts of village properties may not be legal before you buy the owner should provide a certificate from the town hall that there are no fines or fees which need to be resolved Certificado de Inexistencia de Infracción Urbanística.

If there are fines or fees your lawyer and architect should discuss with the owner of the property, the restoration of the legality of the property and the payment of any sanctions before you buy.

Village and town houses can be renovated with a licence from the town hall of the village in which the property is situated.

There are different forms of licences depending on the work to be done.

Emergency work for example the repair of a roof, façade or parts of the structure of a building in particular if it effects the neighbours of a building are sometimes executed by informing the town of the work to be done with a formular known as Comunicación Previa, a Prior Communication not subject to a license application according to current regulations.

Obra menor, the work permit applied for if the structure of the building is not affected, the replacement of kitchens, bathrooms, revision of plumbing, electrical installations, decorative elements flooring, tiles, interior carpentry. Obra menor licences are sometimes applied for by the constructor the owner of the property has agreed a contract with for the work.

Obra mayor, the work permit applied for if the structure of the building is affected, this includes removing parts of the structure, adding to the structure of the building. Changing the location of kitchens, bathrooms, the change of use from for example an area of the building described as storage to a living space. The complexity of the licence applied for will depend on if the entire building is affected a major construction project, or only structural parts of the building. Obra mayor licences are normally applied for by an architect or technical architect often working with the constructor the owner has contracted for the work to be done.  As the fees for the licence charged by the town hall are calculated in part on the complexity and cost of the work to be done.

At the end of the work, the architect or technical architect with inform the town hall that the work has been completed and arrange a meeting with a representative of the town hall. If all of the work has been completed as described in the application for the Obra mayor licence the town hall with issue a Certificado fin de obra.

Chalets and villas on urban plots, and in urbanisations in rural areas also need the same process to purchase as a village house or town house. Establishing the legality of the property with a Certificado de Inexistencia de Infracción Urbanística, without which the town hall can refuse any application for a licence to reform.

Any rustic property with less than 14.200m2 with more than 142m2 of construction if constructed after 1987 regardless of if it has a cedula or not, may not be under present regulations legal in one form or another.  Any reform to the property will not be permitted under the planning regulations from the Consell de Mallorca unless documentation can be shown that proves any construction or changes to the property was done with an official licence and at the end of the work the town hall issued a certificado final de obra.

To reform a property on rustic land with house of 300m2 you will require a plot of 30.000m2 plus to grantee the property is legal and can be reformed or modified. It is possible to reform properties on smaller plots, but they must have been constructed and registered as a living space before 1956 and detailed proof is required to show the property has the legal status to be reformed.

Planning regulations are applied very forcefully, it is always best to research the legality of any property and work with an architect or technical architect to grantee your investment to reform a property is correctly applied for, the work completed correctly and if required a Certificado fin de obra received at the completion of the work.

If you have questions, please Contact us. Or View the properties we have for renovation. 

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